ECC UK installing Norfolk County Council offices using Shell NewMotion.

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) have successfully installed electric vehicle charging points at Norfolk County Council offices in Norwich.

ECC UK have been successfully awarded the contract to install and maintain electric vehicle charging points at Norfolk County Council and with our first install being at the head office in Norwich. We installed 4 x 22kW Newmotion charging sockets in the staff car park which will allow the council staff comfortable switch their vehicle to electric with having the benefit of EV charging at their workplace.

Norfolk Council Offices
4 x Newmotion 22kW sockets installed for staff and fleet use
£1,400 OLEZ contribution
Full reporting capability through an easy to use portal
Reimbursement capability, allowing costs to be attributed to different departments
ECC UK service and maintenance contract
24/7 contact support

Installing the Newmotion electric vehicle charging solution allows Norfolk Council to expand the same network for their public car parks and other council buildings, providing a consistent product and public network for their local community and visitors to Norfolk.

To learn more about ECC UK can help your council or business, please call us on 020 8895 6511 or complete the below enquiry form:

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