Helping energy providers, car leasing and dealerships add customer value

We are national EV installers, helping add value to your most important customers with free expert advice and grant funded installations at their home or workplace

Our simple EV reward scheme and partnership program helps energy providers, car leasing companies, and new and used car dealerships become the ‘go to’ company when drivers or businesses consider switching to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

When your private and commercial customers are looking to purchase or lease an electric vehicle for they will be looking for sound and expert advice.

The ECC UK reward scheme offers financial benefits to partners who pass on installation referrals that convert

ECC UK will help you and your business, armed with the right type of information that will leave them satisfied they are being well informed about how to charge their new vehicle or fleet.

We are National EV installers and provide you with:

  • A national solution for you and your clients
  • EV expertise on hand allowing you to focus on your core activities
  • Branded communications with your customers
  • Staff training to understand the basics
  • Guide to help customers considering switching to an electric vehicle(s)
  • Charge unit display with leaflets
  • An easy to use referral and booking portal
  • Ongoing technical support for you and your clients

Download our brochure for car dealership, leasing and hire companies to see how you can generate a new revenue stream whilst adding value for your existing and prospective customers:

ECC UK can support your customers for domestic, commercial and retail installations

We can support both your retail and commercial customers and our wide range of products, management solutions and financial solutions, we are the perfect EV charging partner.

For more information about how ECC UK can you generate a new revenue stream by offering an EV charging solution for your customers, call us on 020 8895 6511 or complete our online contact form:

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