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The most extensive range of solutions and chargers for councils, helping them satisfy the rise in demand from their community, visitors and local businesses

The benefits of dealing with Electric Car Chargers UK include:

  • Solution for all of the local community
  • Sustainable and future proofed strategy
  • Generate new revenue, risk free

If you are a County, District, Borough or Parish Council looking for help to implement a strategy for car chargers, chargers for public transport and local businesses, contact Electric Car Chargers today:

Our solutions and chargers for councils and local authorities

Making complex strategies simple and easy to implement

It is not easy for councils and local authorities to predict the future electric vehicle charging needs for their local area, so utilising available resources and expertise to plan for the right strategy is imperative to making it a successful transition.

  • Consultation, design, install, operate and maintain
  • Complete charging solutions for public car parks, local businesses and on-street residential areas
  • Funding options that can combine private funding and OLEV funding

By working with the leading influencers in the market, Electric Car Chargers can help facilitate funding and develop a sustainable strategy for councils and local authorities that incorporates:

  • On street chargers for residents with limited off street parking
  • Car park chargers for residents, businesses and retail centres
  • Transport planning that includes electric taxi’s, electric buses and electric bikes
  • Car sharing schemes that can help reduce the areas carbon footprint
  • Policy guidance of new builds and planning applications

Choosing the right electric car chargers

It is important that you choose the right electric car chargers that can charge at a speed that is suited to a typical dwell time for your location. Below is a rough guide that will help you:

Dwell time
Suggested charger
in kW
Residential parking6 – 10 hours7kW
Residential on-street6 – 10 hours7kW
Hospitality or sports venue2 – 5 hours22kW
Tourist attraction2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail or public car park2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail store1 hour25kW DC +
Service station30 minutes50kW DC +

Use our useful guide to help you understand how quickly different vehicles can charge using different charging solutions.

When transport planning an area, it is important to consider the entire community, in particular chargers for taxi’s and chargers for buses, both of which are going to require very short dwell times whilst operational. Placement of these chargers are also important, bearing in mind the public will find it difficult to use chargers that are continually occupied by high usage vehicles such as taxi’s.

A community approach to implementing chargers for councils as what will make it a long lasting success.

On-street chargers for residents

A charging solution that is easy for councils to implement and manage

Announcement: ECC awarded Norfolk Council contract

Electric Car Chargers UK have been awarded the electric vehicle charging contract for Norfolk Council

Rapid chargers for councils and public car parks

Charging solutions, ideal for short-stay parking, electric taxes and buses

Consultants helping councils develop the right EV strategy

We help guide councils to develop an affordable, manageable and deliverable charging strategy

Fully funded electric car chargers for councils

Funding solutions that help councils implement a charging infrastructure for their community

How councils can receive funding for on-street chargers

Councils are receiving 75% towards the cost of supply and installation

Public payment solutions for councils

How to implement a simple solution for public car parks

Announcement: ECC awarded DAERA contract

Electric Car Chargers UK have been awarded the electric vehicle charging contract for Northern Ireland Environmental Agency

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