Thank you for making an enquiry with Electric Car Chargers UK. We’ll be in touch shortly, in the meantime please have a read through the below.

What do we need from you?

1. Property images

Our Team will contact you to go through your details, but in the interim, you can send us the below pictures to speed up your application:

2. Your MPAN

This is found on your current energy bill, see example below:

Please email the images to stating your name and post code

3. Property information

We also need some information about the services you have to your property so please provide the following 4 things:

  1. Location of your broadband router
  2. Location of your water main
  3. Location of your gas main
  4. Location of your visible main

Please email the property information to stating your name and post code

What happens next

We will walk you through the whole process during our call and confirm all the information that we need from you. Once the information is received, we will also discuss your unit choice and the EVHS grant process.

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