are award winning electric vehicle ‘on street’ charge point manufacturers specialising in lamp post mounted and bollard charging units. is fast becoming the first choice for councils and local authorities to provide their residents with a convenient way of charging their electric vehicles on streets with limited off road parking.

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The easy-to-use, well designed and innovative lamp post mounted and bollard solutions use the existing street infrastructure to provide 5.5kW charging power to the charging sockets making them ideal for overnight residential charging.

The bollard solution acts also as a stand-alone 22kW charging point that allows councils and car park owners greater flexibility to discretely place the chargers on both streets and car parks.

Councils commonly deploy the solution in conjunction with the on street charging grant which enables them to 75% OZEV contribution towards the cost of supply and install.

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Download our Corporate brochure for councils and local authorities: Lamppost mounted Back Pack

The Back Pack is a robust charging unit that fits directly to the lamppost column and utilises the electrical power feed that supplies the street light.

The maximum charge available from the Back Pack is 5.5kW based on the power required by the street light. Street Bollard

The Bollard is a well designed and robust charging unit that can be placed on street or in car parks, and in keeping with the existing street furniture.

Similar to the Back Pack, their bollard charging unit can also take a direct power feed from a street column allowing them to charge electric vehicles using a maximum of 5.5kW.

The Bollard is also available as a stand alone option which can be connected to a three phase power source and charge up to 22kW which is ideal for car park owners, councils and businesses.

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ECC UK are approved installers and sales agents for the solution and support councils with assessing eligibility for the grant and how the solution can be installed. 

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