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EVBox are focused on driving sustainable mobility, with their smart, easy to use, easy to implement and scaleable charging equipment and software.

With over 100,000 charging points across more than 55 countries, EV Box are fast becoming the global brand for electric vehicle charging solutions, helping councils, retailers and businesses to encourage and deliver emission-free transport.

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EVBox have produced for everyone

EVBox have developed a fully modular range of electric vehicle charging solutions that are easy to use and build to a quality that will stand the test of time.

  • Over 100,000 charging points across more than 55 countries

EVBox have been awarded the sole public EV charging providers for major cities such as Monaco, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and have been main drivers for pay-to-charge and roaming solutions, working with strategic industry partners and national public organisations.

EVBox range consists of charging points suitable, home charging, street charging, public, workplace and retail charging.

Explore their range of EV charging solutions:

EVBox are be owned ENGIE who along their EVTronic brand, operate a network of ultra-fast charging stations across the UK and Europe.

To learn more about EVBox, visit their website for more information.

ECC UK are approved installers and service providers for the EVBox. Please contact us on 020 8895 6511 for a free consultation or complete the below enquiry form:

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