Keba are major manufacturers in the automation industry and are fast become a leading European player in the electric vehicle charging market.

Keba have utilised their high quality manufacturing expertise to produce their flexible, intelligent and easy to use P30 KeContact range of EV charging points that can address a wide range of EV charging solutions

Keba P30 KeContact – EV Charging Range

Keba market only one product which is suitable for environments, and available in different versions that can charge all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Keba have packed their P30 KeContact range of EV charging stations full of features, charging speeds and authorisation options that include free to use, RFID, keyswitch, pay-to-charge and smartphone applications  The Keba range also offer intelligent communication interfaces that work with almost any kind of solar and battery storage system, allowing you to charge your home or workplace electric vehicle(s) using renewable sources and methods.

The Keba P30 ranges are available in grey (standard), black or white fascia’s.

Keba P30 KeContact e-series

A simple and easy to use, entry level EV charging unit with a charging output up to 7kW (standard charging speed)  

Keba P30 KeContact b-series

EV charging unit with authentication options such as RFID or keyswitch, with a charging output up to 22kw (fast charging speed)

Keba P30 KeContact c-series

Advanced EV charging unit with a range of authentication and payment methods, and compliant with network and photovoltaic (PV) communications, charging up to 22kW (fast charging speed)

ECC UK are approved installers for the entire Keba P30 KeContact range.  In order to qualify for grant funding, you need to select a manufacturer approved installer, otherwise the grant funding will be invalid.

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ECC UK are trained and approved Keba installers and work on projects across the UK for residential projects, retailers, hotels, businesses and councils.

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