NewMotion have a global objective to empower people and business to switch vehicles and fleets to electric and charge smart.

NewMotion are part of the Shell Group which has enabled them to launch an award winning service and product this is simple to use yet versatile and future proofed, making it a complete EV charging solution. NewMotion are fast becoming a prominent the EV charging solution of choice.


NewMotion have developed a smart charging solution for home charging, business charging and public charging on-the-go. The NewMotion mobile app and charge card provides electric vehicle drivers with access to 155,000 charge points in over 35 countries – considered to be the largest charging network of Europe

Over 155,000 charging points in over 35 countries

NewMotion’s Business PRO and Business Lite solution is packed with features, yet so simple to use. The unit can be configured up to 22kW and can be activated by RFID, payment using a QR code, or simply free to use.

They also offer perhaps the widest range of mounting options, which single and dual floor or wall mounting devices.

NewMotion range consists of charging points suitable for, home charging, street charging, public, workplace and retail charging.

The NewMotion units come with an affordable annual subscription that allows businesses to have 24/7 contact support, usage reporting, reimbursement tariffs, internal or department billing and much, much more.

To learn more about NewMotion, visit their website for more information.

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