UK specialists in electric vehicle charging

Our mission

In 2018 we launched a specialist EV charging company to help accelerate the UK’s drive towards a greener, more sustainable future, providing electric vehicle charging provisions for local authorities, the public and businesses across the country.

Who are ECC UK

We are nationwide EV charging experts who are qualified and approved to design and deliver EV charging infrastructures.

  • OLEV approved
  • NICEIC electrical installers
  • IET 18th Edition for Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Authorised to work on public highways and street furniture
  • Public liability insurance
  • Manufacturer trained and approved

How do we achieve this?

Nationwide coverage | London | Southampton | Bedford | Cambridge | Peterborough | Lincoln | Sheffield | Oxford | Birmingham | Coventry | Leicester | Derby | Nottingham | Northampton | Norwich | Bristol | Cardiff | Telford | Wolverhampton | Stoke | Manchester | Liverpool | Leeds | Newcastle | Carlisle | Glasgow | Edinburgh

What is OLEV?

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) have been set up by the UK Government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). The UK Government have provided OLEV with over £900 million, available to EV and plug-in hybrid drivers and UK based businesses, to help position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use.

Sector focused EV charging solutions

We are working with all of the key sectors to help deliver bespoke and cost effective EV charging solutions;

B2C Solutions

Ideal for retailers. hotels, tourist attractions, hospitality venues, sports arena’s, restaurants, garden centres and leisure facilities looking to provide EV charging solutions for their customers or visitors:

  • Significant branding and PR benefits
  • Generate risk free revenue
  • Attract new customers and retain them longer

Corporations and SMEs

Ideal for single and multi-site businesses looking to provide EV charging solutions for their staff or fleets:

  • Enable the switch to a cost efficient electric fleet
  • Tax and private mileage benefits for company car drivers
  • Employees will benefit by having charging facilities at work

Councils and Local Authorities

Ideal for Hospitals, Health Centres, Education, County, Borough and Parish Councils looking to provide EV charging solutions for the public, visitors or residents:

  • Lower the carbon footprint in your area
  • Add value to your local community and businesses
  • Generate risk free revenue

Residential developments

Ideal for commercial, retail and domestic construction, building contractors, developers, private rentals and residential management companies looking for EV charging solutions to meet planning requirements:

  • Meet your local authority planning requirements
  • Effortless EV charging solutions
  • Opportunity to generate risk free revenue


Ideal for electric vehicle manufacturers, car dealerships, vehicle leasing and hire companies, looking to provide EV charging solutions for their customers.

  • Provide an added value service to your customers
  • Generate a new effortless revenue stream
  • Build a loyal and returning customer base as EV sales grow

Finding the right EV charging solution for you

With such a wide range of products, services and solutions, ECC UK can tailor reliable and affordable EV charging solutions based on your immediate and future needs.

If you would like ECC UK to help you implement the right type of electric vehicle charging solution for your needs, please contact us on 020 8895 6511 or complete our online enquiry form:

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