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Electric Car Chargers are helping property managers and management companies introduce chargers for apartment blocks and residential developments

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  • Solution for all types of tenant
  • Generate new revenue, risk free
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Due to the rise in requests for apartment blocks and residential developments requiring help with charging points for their residents, we have partnered with a company who specialise in helping management companies and property managers understand, plan and implement the right solution.

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Our electric car chargers for apartments and residential developments

Simple solution that can use a landlords electric supply

We understand that have an electric car charging point installed in an apartment block or residential development is not as easy as it may seem when the car park is remote to the property, or the land is not owned by the resident.

Below are just a few of the challenges we find management companies, landlords and residents are commonly faced with when they look to install electric car charging points at their development:

  • The cost to install the charging equipment
  • Agreement as to who pays for the infrastructure
  • Landlord unable to be reimbursed for the electricity used
  • Insufficient power available at the site already
  • Ownership of the bay or land is causing complications
  • Other residents opposing to the works being conducted

How to implement charging points for an apartment block

There are two main options for installing chargers for apartment blocks

Option 1: Communal chargers

Communal chargers are the most effective way of implementing chargers for apartment blocks and residential developments, especially if you spare parking bays and ideally a 3 phase supply.

Option 2: Allocated chargers

Allocated chargers are installed in a residents designated parking bay and available for their sole use. A single phase 7kW is perfectly acceptable for this kind of charging requirement. If your apartment block does not have any spare parking bays that can be converted to a charging bay, this will be your most likely option.

Communal v’s allocated chargers for apartment blocks

If the development has the option for either type of charging solution, it is important to consider the cost impact to install both types of charging solution.

A 3 phase supply will enable you to install a 22kW communal charger which can typically keep around 14 electric vehicles on the road.  This can therefore be a significantly more cost effective charger for a property manager or management company to install, than it would to install an equivalent 14 properties with a dedicated 7kW charging point.

Comparison based on 14 electric vehicles being served power:

Charger typeQty# Vehicles servedTotal kVa
Communal 22kW11422.2kVa
Allocated 7kW1414103.6kVa

Whilst not all electric vehicles can charge at 22kW today, 2021 and 2022 will see more electric vehicle being launched that can take an 11kW and 22kW charging speed.

How does the landlord get reimbursed?

Electric Car Chargers provide a solution that allows the resident to pay for the electricity they use to charge their vehicle, and this automatically reimburses the landlord for their supply.

We have case studies for both communal and allocated charging solutions and would welcome the opportunity of reviewing your requirements.

Case study: Little Stanion – Communal chargers for apartment blocks

Case study: Melody Lane – Allocated chargers for residential development

We will design your solution based on the immediate and future needs for the apartment block and residents.

Case study: Little Stanion communal chargers

Housing developer with 4 blocks of apartments, each with communal electric car chargers that are accessible for all of the residents.

Case study: Residential development with shared parking facilities

Private management company with a requirement to install electric car chargers for each of the residents

Fully funded electric car chargers for apartment blocks

Funding solutions that make it easier for management companies to implement, operate and maintain

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