OZEV approved EV charger installation for car dealerships in UK

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Power Up – Go Electric

Attract more customers and increase your revenue with our car dealership EV charging solutions

You can also benefit from:

  • Help your customers throughout the sales journey
  • Attract more customers looking for electric vehicles
  • Boost the dealership’s brand image and reputation as a sustainability leader
  • Access government grants and incentives
  • Lower the energy bills and increase energy efficiency

If you are a car dealership, vehicle hire or leasing company for fleets, Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) can help you add value for your customers. Contact Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) today.

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Why consider EV charging stations?

EV charging installation

Electric vehicle sales in the UK are expected to reach 1.5 million by 2030, representing 65% of new car sales and 48% of the total car fleet.

You most probably are seeing this shift in purchase and know the type of service you’ll be expected to provide for your clients will change rapidly. Don’t worry though, We will guide you through your journey.

We have some service options to fit your needs

  • Standard service – we pay for successful referrals
  • Premium service – we become the sole installer for all electric vehicle sales
  • Integrated service – we create an in-house charging department for your businesses.

We are your one-stop shop for electric car charging solutions and support car dealerships with our market leading expertise. We can handle all your home, work, and public EV charger installation needs with our competitive and flexible services.

Our integrated solution also enables car dealerships to become EV charging specialists, manage the customer journey seamlessly, and reduce internal costs to coordinate different installers.

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Car charging experts on hand for car dealerships

Helping your customers with expert advice

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Check out these helpful guides and case studies for more information

Case study: Honda Dealerships

Electric Car Chargers UK installing for Honda dealerships across the UK

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JT Hughes car dealership for Honda, Kia, Hyundai and Mitsubishi and used Electric Car Chargers UK to install their workplace and home chargers to help them switch their fleet to electric

Case study: JT Hughes

Electric Car Chargers UK supporting their Honda, Kia and Mitsubishi dealers

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Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) - Automotive and Car Dealership Installation - EV Chargers - IM Group - Subaru Solterra v2

Case study: International Motors

Electric Car Chargers UK helping IM Group prepare the Subaru Solterra launch

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If you would like more information as to how Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) can help your car dealership prepare their site, their staff and the customers for the new age of electric vehicles. Please call us on 020 8895 6511 or complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch:

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