Helping car dealerships add value to their customers

Installing electric car chargers for car dealerships and leasing companies, helping them become market leaders in helping their customer throughout the buying journey to switch their fleets to electric.

The benefits of dealing with Electric Car Chargers UK include:

  • Help your customers throughout the sales journey
  • Upgrade your dealership to accommodate the rise in electric vehicles
  • Reward scheme for successful referrals can generate new revenue

If you are a car dealership, vehicle hire or leasing company for fleets, Electric Car Chargers can help you add value for your customers. Contact Electric Car Chargers today:

Our solutions and chargers for car dealerships

A choice of services for retail and fleet customers

Your customers will be seeking help and advice on how to charging their new electric vehicle, or potentially electric fleet. To offer this help and advice, you need to have an understanding your customers facilities, power supplies, typical journey distances and budget. It is not realistic for car dealerships to understand all of this information, so by engaging with Electric Car Chargers, we can help.

Our service options in include:

  • Standard service – we pay for successful referrals
  • Premium service – we become the sole installer for all electric vehicle sales
  • Integrated service – we create an in-house charging department for your businesses

We have a wealth of electric car charging expertise and support car dealerships deliver a market leading solution. Finding one partner to be both an expert and competitive for all home, work and public charging needs will be difficult to find. 

Our integrated solution also allows car dealerships to be become an EV charging expert, gain complete control over the customer journey and minimise internal soft costs to facilitate different installers.

Standard service

Being awarded as a preferred installation partner, Electric Car Chargers will provide a supply and installation service for both retail and fleet customers, using the dealerships preferred charging solutions. This allows the dealership to shortlist and select preferred installation partners based on their strengths,

Premium service

Being awarded as a sole installation partner, Electric Car Chargers will support retail and fleet customers throughout the complete sales journey and install the charging infrastructure, using branded communications. This allows the dealership to manage and measure one installation partner to deliver the required service levels.

Integrated service

Being awarded a contract to become an in-house electric vehicle charging department, we set up a dedicated team, develop full operating systems and interface to help guide both staff and customers. This allows the dealership to provide a seamless customer journey with less management and greater controls.

What do we provide your customer?

We specialise in solutions for a range of different sectors including, commercial businesses, hotels and hospitality, councils and retail. So if you have fleet customers in any of these sectors, Electric Car Chargers can tailor a competitive solution for their needs.

Upgrading chargers for car dealerships

We have extensive experience installing chargers for car dealerships, notably Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan dealerships. See some examples of our work:

Case study: Honda Dealerships

Electric Car Chargers UK installing for Honda dealerships across the UK

Our referral program for car dealerships

Helping car dealerships to help their customers

Our range of chargers for car dealerships

Explore our range of charging points for car dealerships

Rapid chargers for car dealerships

Explore our range of rapid chargers for car dealerships

Car charging experts on hand for car dealerships

Helping your customers with expert advice

If you would like more information as to how Electric Car Chargers can help your council prepare an effective strategy for your local community, please call us on 020 8895 6511 or complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch:

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