Helping hotels and hospitality provide customer car chargers

Providing chargers for hotels, leisure and hospitality businesses as they prepare for the imminent rise in electric vehicles

The benefits of dealing with Electric Car Chargers UK include:

  • Attract more customers and keep them longer
  • Generate a new revenue stream
  • PR opportunity for having green credentials

If you are a hotel chain, restaurant, leisure facility or hospitality venue, looking for help to implement car chargers, contact Electric Car Chargers today:

Our solution and chargers for hotels and hospitality

Making it easy to implement electric car chargers for a hotel, restaurant or hospitality venue

Choose chargers for hotels might not seem an easy or straight forward task. Working with Electric Car Chargers, we can help make this an easy process to help implement the right hotel charger that is easy for user, and easy for the hotel.

Our charger solutions for hotels and hospitality are very simple:

  • We design, install and maintain a tailored charging solution
  • Simple chargers to use and operate
  • National, so easier to deal with one partner
  • Option for a fully funded and managed charging solution

What type of charger do I need for my venue?

We will help you choose the right type of charger for your specific hotel or hospitality venue. Below is a guide that can be used to understand how you may wish to attract the right type of customers to your hotel or hospitality business:

Dwell time
Suggested charger
in kW
Hotel for overnight6 – 10 hours7kW
Theme parks6 – 10 hours7kW
Sporting arena’s or events2 – 5 hours22kW
Tourist attractions2 – 5 hours22kW
Restaurants2 – 5 hours22kW
Fast food or refreshments1 hour25kW DC +
Short stay visitors30 minutes50kW DC +

How do I charge customers for using the charger?

We design and install a solution that will enable you to charge your customer for the power that they have used. The most common charging tariff is kWh and this is easily understood by electric vehicle drivers.

By applying a charging tariff, this will help you generate new revenue, as well as adding an important benefit to them.

Can a third party fund and operate chargers for hotels and hospitality?

Electric Car Chargers UK will help you find the right type of funding which will help you understand the best commercial model for your venue. We provide a range of different ownership options that will help you make an informed decision:

  • Fully funded, which requires a 25 year contract and leasing of the charging bay
  • Pay monthly, and pay back the investment over 1 to 5 years
  • Capital expenditure to own the equipment outright immediately

We can provide you with a detailed payback calculator that will also highlight how quickly your venue will reach that all important return on your investment.

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Pay monthly for your hospitality chargers

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If you would like more information as to how Electric Car Chargers can help you choose the right charger for your hotel, please call us on 020 8895 6511 or complete the below enquiry form and we will be in touch:

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