We create, design and implement your EV charging infrastructure

We have a nationwide team of EV experts with the ability to design and install your perfect EV charging solution and providing advice on the grant funding that is available to you

We work with the leading industry specialists and product manufacturers to ensure we can recommend and install suitable charge points for all types of businesses and environments, including;

  • Public car parks
  • Offices and multi-occupant buildings
  • Staff and visitor parking
  • Loading bays
  • Street charging
  • Service stations
  • Bus stations
  • Multi-story car parks
  • Caravan parks
  • Hotel and leisure environments

We offer a free consultation service to help you identify the right solution for you. Contact us today:

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What should we expect from an ECC UK proposal?

ECC UK are committed to supplying you with a complete quotation that includes:

Supply of all charging equipment
All required cable and containment
Distribution board and ethernet networking if required
Signage to help identify the EV charging bay
Groundworks and charge point barrier protection
Labour to complete the project in full

Maintenance and service support

All EV charging solutions are supported by a manufacturer warranty which is typically 3 years.

ECC UK offer a 3 year EV maintenance and service contract with all of our installations which includes:

  • Regular review meetings to ensure the power factors of the building can still support your EV charging requirements
  • Help plan for any additional expansion plans that may effect the power available for the charge points, or to increase the number of EV chargers
  • Annual checks of the equipment to ensure they are continue to perform as expected
  • Clean and service the equipment annually to ensure they remain eligible under the manufacturer warranty

Please contact us for more details about our maintenance and service package.

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