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JT Hughes – Home charging assessment

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Electricity supply

Details and images of your electric meter, mains fuse and consumer unit. If you are unsure what these items are, please use the guidance images below.
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Image of your consumer unit (fuse board) with lid open – you can add additional images if you have more than one consumer unit *
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Desired location of your charging point and distance from your consumer unit
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Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB

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Guidance images

We are mindful that all of our customers are not experts with electrics. Please use the below guidance images to help you understand exactly what we require from you:

Consumer unit

We need a clear image of your consumer unit with the lid open so we can see all of your fuses

Electric meter and mains fuse

We require an image of your electric meter and mains fuse. These can be located inside or outside of your property

Designated parking

We require an image of your designated parking area

Charging point location

Please provide an image of where you would like the charging point situation, including the surrounding area and ground

Water and gas earth bonding

For safety reasons, we need to ensure that your piping is bonded. We will require images similar to the below for BOTH your water and gas:

Your MPAN number

This is found on your current energy bill, see example below:

Still not sure?

If you are unable to locate your consumer unit, electric meter or mains fuse, please call us on 020 8895 6511 and ask for Applications Support, we will try to help guide you.

Alternative, please email and we will answer your enquiry as a matter of urgency.