‘Net Zero Future Can Be Bright’ – Manton

Posted on 31st March 2023
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ECC co-founder Darren Manton has added an upbeat tone to today’s Express & Start Newspaper article ‘The Black Country could lose 12,000 manufacturing jobs by 2032, new report warns’.

The article discussed a Demos report ‘Net Zero to Level Up’ which looked at how a ‘just transition’ could be made from net zero in the region. According to cross-party think Demos, 14 per cent of the Black Country’s jobs are in the manufacturing industry and a move to a greener future could leave up to 12,000 unemployed by 2032.

Darren Manton, however, thinks the opportunities are being underplayed.

He noted:

“The plans set out by Demos recognise one of the biggest challenges facing the transition to net zero: getting away from siloed policy making and towards a more holistic approach.
Recruiting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and providing them with the right skills is essential in this effort.

If we want increased productivity and greater employment opportunities in the shift towards lowering carbon emissions, we need collaboration between both the private and public sectors.

If we can build the blueprint at a local and regional level, there’s no reason why that can’t be replicated on a national scale.”

ECC offers EV charging systems solutions to local councils, business fleets and the automotive industry.

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