We help plan, design and implement pay-to-charge EV chargers that help generate new revenue

We help B2C businesses, hotels, councils and local authorities for the right type of electric car charging infrastructure that allows customers payments and tariffs to be processed and managed.

ECC UK offer a complete turnkey solution for pay-to-charge EV charging solutions to help your business or council generate risk free revenue.

Customer charging for B2C

Retail and leisure outlets can enjoy a number of benefits from providing leased or fully funded electric vehicle charging facilities for their customers.

As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads increase, charging facilities will become as common place and expected like wifi is today.

Our pay-to-charge EV charger offering is suitable for:

  • Hotel and leisure sector
  • Retailers
  • Hospitality and sports venues
  • Tourist attractions

Enjoy risk free revenue whilst adding value to your customers

Provide your customers with more – Attract and reward more customers as electric vehicle charging becomes more common place across the UK.

Sustainable brand benefits – It is good to be green.  Providing your customers with charging points, you are demonstrating your commitment to the environment, and we can help you measure and report your carbon savings.

Attract more customers and retain them longer – Electric vehicle drivers spend on average 70 minutes charging their vehicle per visit, which gives them extra time to use your facilities, make purchases and enjoy themselves.

Download our corporate B2C brochure for customer charging

Customer charging for councils and local authorities

Councils and local authorities can benefit from providing fully funded electric vehicle charging facilities for the public.

Our pay-to-charge EV charger offering is suitable for:

  • Public car parks
  • Residential on street charging
  • Parking for hospitals and health centres
  • Community car sharing

To learn more about our products and services for council pay-to-charge EV solutions, please download our corporate brochure:

How does pay-to-charge work?

Providing chargeable electric vehicle charging facilities are easier than you think

There are a number of considerations when thinking about introducing customer EV charging and processing payments

STEP 1: Choose a suitable charging speed

It is important that you choose the right EV charger that can charge at a speed that is suited to a typical dwell time for your location. Below is a rough guide that will help you:

Dwell time
Suggested charger
in kW
Hotel for overnight6 – 10 hours7kW
Residential on-street6 – 10 hours7kW
Hospitality or sports venue2 – 5 hours22kW
Tourist attraction2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail or public car park2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail store1 hour25kW DC +
Service station30 minutes50kW DC +
STEP 2: Choose a management solution

Once you understand your charging speed, you now need to establish how you wish to manage and control the charging unit.


To process payments, your charging unit needs to be compatible with a billing system to manage this for you. All charging units that can allow this functionality will have an ‘OCPP’ code which stands for Open Charge Point Protocol.

There are different types of protocol and the three most commonly used are; OCPP1.5, OCPP1.6 and OCPP2.0, all of which can enable pay-to-charge functionality.

A unit has an OCPP will allow you to set up a back office system that will allow you to set tariffs, monitor utilisation and assess the performance of the unit. Without this, you cannot charge customers for the usage.

Not all back office systems offer a customer support service, so you will need to consider how you will manage and monitor the unit to maximise it’s operational time, and ensuring the customer experience is positive.


You can deploy a Charge Point Operator (CPO) who can manage and maintain the charging unit for you. These will help you ensure the customer experience is positive with a 24/7 contact number should the customer be unable to active the charging unit, and these will also monitor the unit to ensure they maximise the units’ operational time.

STEP 3: Time to choose your charging solution

Once you understand the charging speed that you require, you now need to select your charging unit.

Choose the type of unit

Whilst the UK Government are trying to regulate and simplify the public charging experience, the charge point manufacturers and operators are all trying to catch up.

Whilst the manufacturers are all making their units to be ‘open protocol’, not all CPO’s can diagnose their units. So make sure you fully investigate the type of ‘management system’ the manufacturer or installer are offering you.

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