We help plan, design and implement pay-to-charge EV chargers that generate new revenue

We help councils and local authorities and private businesses plan for the right type of electric car charging infrastructure, and our range of chargeable PAYG EV charging solutions couldn’t be easier.

Large range of pay-to-charge EV charger to suit your needs.

EV Charge.Online

Our easy to use network management system

The perfect tool for managing and monitoring your fleets charging usage by vehicle, charge point and individual user.

  • No Membership Fees

  • No Subscription Fees 

  • No Connection Fees

EV Charge.Online is an open network management system for EV charging where you can have complete control over your charging tariffs.

EV Charge.Online is a simple pay-to-charge system, open to every EV driver in the UK with a web-enabled phone or device. With no membership fees, subscription fees or connection fees, this solution is fast proving to be popular with many EV drivers.

Our compatible ranges offer public use on a PAYG basis, with flexible tariffs which are set by the host. The host can create and manage which users, such as employees, visitors and customers, can receive particular privileges that include free benefit-in-kind charging, non-restricted peak charging times or reduced tariff rates

We deliver local authority and government initiatives

We offer a complete project management service when local authorities are considering;

  • Installing electric vehicle charge points for public use
  • Installing electric vehicle charge points at your workplace
  • Providing home charging programs for your staff

How can Electric Car Chargers help you?

Our advice is free and impartial

  • We will manage your organisations installation roll out
  • We have access to OLEV who distribute funds for the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)
  • We assess your eligibility for grants or funding for FREE
  • Nationwide installation service so only one accountable partner
  • Ongoing technical support

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Email: social@electriccarchargersuk.co.uk

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