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Get fully funded EV chargers for your business

Electric car chargers supplied, installed and managed with no outlay or ongoing costs

Is your business or car park eligible for fully funded EV car chargers? 

EV charging installation

Answer yes to these questions and you are one step closer to fully funded EV chargers.

  • Do you have an existing car park with 24-hour, from the road access.
  • Is it private or publicly owned or run with over 15 years left on lease.
  • Has got at least four parking spaces that can be given over to EV charging.

If Yes, On your way to fully funded solution.

If No, Explore our other funding options.

How do you benefit financially from a fully funded EV charging solution?

There are indirect and direct benefits from implementing an electric vehicle charging solution, particularly for environments that are suitable for a customer or community pay-to-charge opportunity.

Ideal for residential and commercial developments

Ideal for commercial, retail and domestic construction, building contractors, developers, private rentals and residential management companies looking for electric car chargers to meet planning requirements:

  • Meet your local authority planning requirements
  • Effortless charging solutions
  • Opportunity to generate risk free revenue

Perfect for B2C sector

Ideal for retailers. hotels, tourist attractions, hospitality venues, sports arena’s, restaurants, garden centres and leisure facilities looking to provide EV charging solutions for their customers or visitors:

  • Significant branding and PR benefits
  • Generate risk free revenue
  • Attract new customers and retain them longer

Enjoy risk free revenue whilst adding value to your customers and community

EV charging installation
EV charging installation

Provide your customers and community with more – Attract and reward more customers and visitors as electric vehicle charging becomes more common place across the UK.

EV charging installation

Sustainable brand benefits – It is good to be green. Providing your customers and community with charging points, you are demonstrating your commitment to the environment, and we can help you measure and report your carbon savings.

EV charging installation

Attract more customers and retain them longer – Electric vehicle drivers spend on average 70 minutes charging their vehicle per visit, which gives them extra time to use your facilities, make purchases and enjoy themselves.

How does it work?

The investment model

We will fund all of the installation, operational and maintenance costs, and pay you a monthly rental for each dedicated electric vehicle charging bay.

The partnership model

We offer to share the profits generated from the electric vehicle charging payments, based on the number of charging points contracted.

How do you get a funded EV charging solution?

We review every application and consider a number of aspects including local demographics, physical location, quantity of charging units and expected usage.

Sector OZEV schemes available Value Fully funded by ECC Option to lease by ECC
Businesses with staff and/or fleet parking Workplace Charging Scheme £350 – £850 per socket No Yes
Council on street parking for local residents On Street Charging Scheme 60% of total Yes Yes
Hotels, businesses or councils with public or customer car parks None £350 per socket (small businesses only) Yes Yes
New build developers providing charging under section 106 None None Yes Yes

There are different methods of pay-to-charge EV charging but the fully managed and fully funded solution is by far the easiest method to implement and oversee.

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