Charge your electric vehicle in 15 minutes with our rapid charging solutions

We help councils, local authorities and large corporations deliver national initiatives to install public rapid charging facilities. If you would like to learn more about how Electric Car Chargers UK can help you, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our range of rapid chargers

World leading ranges of DC rapid charging stations.

Explore our ranges of Alpitronic, ABB, Nexans and Delta DC rapid charging stations that range from 25kW to 500kW and can charge your electric vehicle to 80% within 20-30 minutes.

Choose from our approved DC rapid charger ranges with options from 25kW to 500kW, offering the fasted and most efficient charging speeds on the market:

ModelCCSCHAdeMoACSimultaneous chargingContactlessDC Power ratings
HyperChargerYesYesYesYesYes75kW to 350kW
ABB Terra 25YesYesNoNoNo25kW
ABB Terra 54YesYesYesNoYes50kW
ABB Terra HPYesYesYesYesYes175kW to 500kW
Nexans Agicity APYesYesYesYesYes25kW
Project EV 60kWYesYesYesNoYes60kW
Project EV 150kWYesYesYesYesYes75kW to 150kW
Delta WallboxYesYesNoNoNo25kW
Delta UFCYesYesYesYesNo50kW to 150kW

Choosing the right EV charger

It is important that you choose the right EV charger that can charge at a speed that is suited to a typical dwell time for your location. Below is a rough guide that will help you:

Dwell time
Suggested charger
in kW
Hotel for overnight6 – 10 hours7kW
Residential on-street6 – 10 hours7kW
Hospitality or sports venue2 – 5 hours22kW
Tourist attraction2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail or public car park2 – 5 hours22kW
Retail store1 hour25kW DC +
Service station30 minutes50kW DC +

Management solutions

There are options to either self manage your rapid charging solution, or you can invite a Charge Point Operator to manage the solution for you. We will help guide you to the right solution for your needs.


To process payments, your charging unit needs to be compatible with a billing system to manage this for you. All charging units that can allow this functionality will have an ‘OCPP’ code which stands for Open Charge Point Protocol.

There are different types of protocol and the three most commonly used are; OCPP1.5, OCPP1.6 and OCPP2.0, all of which can enable pay-to-charge functionality.

A unit has an OCPP will allow you to set up a back office system that will allow you to set tariffs, monitor utilisation and assess the performance of the unit. Without this, you cannot charge customers for the usage.

Not all back office systems offer a customer support service, so you will need to consider how you will manage and monitor the unit to maximise it’s operational time, and ensuring the customer experience is positive.


You can deploy a Charge Point Operator (CPO) who can manage and maintain the charging unit for you. These will help you ensure the customer experience is positive with a 24/7 contact number should the customer be unable to active the charging unit, and these will also monitor the unit to ensure they maximise the units’ operational time.

Maximise “up time”

Rapid chargers are very sturdy and reliable, but they can be a number of issues that arise that can impact the customer experience and in turn, the revenue you generate from operating it.

There are two main things to consider when implementing rapid charging facilities for your public, visitors and customers:

Service and maintenance

Successful rapid chargers will be in rigorous use, so maintaining your revenue generating asset is very important.

Annual service

An annual service will involve looking at the overall power supply, unit performance and cleaning the unit. The higher output rapid chargers will also require new filters every year,

The servicing needs to be done by completed by a trained and qualified engineer and you should incorporate this agreement at the time of purchase.

Maintenance agreement

Whilst rapid chargers are robust, who can always defend them from impact damage, vandalism or issues relating to the grid power being supplied to them.

Entering into a maintenance agreement at the time of purchase (usually combined with a service contract) will ensure that you can get your rapid charger back up and running with minimum downtime and confident that you have set up and agreed repair costs before the event happens.

If you need help or advice about Rapid Charging

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