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Our most popular home EV chargers

Our range of Wallbox, Ohme, Zappi, NewMotion, ABB, EVBox, Rolec and Bloova home charging units are all approved by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) helping eligible drivers qualify for up to £350 grant funding towards the cost of supply and installation.

What options are available?

The vast majority of domestic properties are run on a ‘single phase’ system, which means the maximum power output is 7.4kW which is more than sufficient for vehicles that are likely to charge overnight, or for at least 3 – 4 hours at any given time.

ECC UK are EVHS approved for below home EV charger ranges. See what options are available to you.

All chargers are available in 3.6kW and 7.2kW output charging speeds.

ModelSocket option Tethered optionSmart appChoice of colourOLEV EVHS
Project EVYesNoYesBlack & greyYes
OhmeNoYesYesBlack or blueYes
WallboxNoYesYesBlack or whiteYes
ABB Terra ACYesYesYesWhiteYes
Zappi 2YesYesYesGrey or whiteYes
NewMotion Home LineYesNoYesWhite, grey or greenYes
EVBox ElviYesYesYesBlack or WhiteYes
Rolec WallpodYesYesYesBlack, white, grey or terracottaYes
Bloova StyleYesNoYesBlack, white or greenYes

Are you eligible for a grant contribution?

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle charger for your home, you maybe entitled for up to a £350 contribution from OLEV.

It couldn’t be be any easier to find out, simply completed our free online assessment, call us on 0208 004 6487 or if you are would like more information simply complete our online contact form:

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Receive up to £14,000 grant funding towards staff or fleet chargers!

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