EV charging installation

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EV charging installation
EV charging installation

Fleet Solutions

We help businesses get themselves EV ready so they can start switch their fleet to electric

With SME businesses having up to £75,000 OZEV funding available to them, and larger corporate businesses with £14,000, to contribute towards the supply and installation of EV charging equipment we can help you obtain the right level of funding, and support your wider business needs.

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Our cost management solutions are simple and easy

Switching your business fleet to electric can be daunting, especially when you have to consider how to manage the cost of electric for your fleet, and reimbursing staff for all of their usage.

Our simple solution allows you to have full control over how your staff are reimbursed, and set tariffs for the different fleet users:

EV charging installation

Charge at home

Have the ability to monitor and reimburse your staff for their usage at home

Charge at work

You can set different charging tariffs for different types of users at your workplace, with the ability to attribute costs to your internal cost centers

Charge in public

With one charge card, your fleet drivers have access to thousands of public chargers across the country including some of the big network operators, the list of chargers on our networks grows by the day!

EV charging installation

We help guide businesses become “EV ready”

Step 1: Help to understand your charging options

We have been involved in all types of parking arrangements and can use our experience to advise on:

  • Methods of reimbursing the electricity supply for both staff and the business
  • Insight to the technology and driver trends
  • Provide budgets to allow the total cost of preparing your site for EV’s

Step 2: Help to design your solution

We can help you understand what type of budget you will need, or funding that is available to deliver what you need:

  • Technical and power assessment of your site(s)
  • Exploring the best public and private funding options
  • Provide a specification to help project planning and delivery

Step 3: Implement the solution you need

Scoping your project can feel very different to actually implementing it, and the challenges this can face:

  • Provide options to help gain a stakeholder consensus
  • Help to prepare the project for a rigorous tender process
  • Oversee the implementation to ensure it meets your requirements

Check out these helpful guides and case studies for more information

Manage the cost of your fleet

Simple solution to allow your fleet users to be reimbursed for charging at home, work and in public

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If you would help to install charging points for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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