Electric Fleet Solution for Businesses

Posted on 5th August 2022
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Helping businesses manage the running cost of their electric fleet

Switching your business fleet to electric can be daunting, especially when you have to consider how to manage the cost of electric for your fleet, and reimbursing staff for all or part of their usage.

ECC Enterprise Plus Package

Our simple solution allows you to have full control over how your staff are reimbursed for charge at home or in public, as well as having the ability to set tariffs for the different types of fleet users when charging at work.


Have the ability to monitor and reimburse your staff for their usage at home.


You can set different charging tariffs for different types of users at your workplace, with the ability to attribute costs to your internal cost centres


With one charge card, your fleet drivers have access to over 5,000 public chargers across the country including some of the big network operators, the list of chargers on our public network is growing by the day!

If you need help to manage the cost for your electric fleet, please complete the below contact form or call us on 020 8895 6511:

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