Free to use and chargeable street charging solutions

We help councils and local authorities plan for the right type of electric car charging infrastructure, helping bring together large corporations, local business and the public to help ensure the electric charging initiatives are rolled out effectively and in line with future demand.

Our range of street chargers

Learn more about our ranges of free to use and chargeable street charging solutions

We can customise your public EV charging requirements and develop branded units that represent your local council and community schemes

Choose from our approved home street EV charger ranges with options from 3.6kW to 22kW charging speeds:

ModelFeed from street columnFeed from power supplyPower ratingRFID or Online activationOLEV OCS BackpackYesYes5.5kWOnlineYes BollardYes Yes 5.5kWOnlineYes Bollard
3 Phase

We deliver local authority and government initiatives

We offer a complete project management service when local authorities

  • Installing electric vehicle charge points for public use
  • Installing electric vehicle charge points at your workplace
  • Providing home charging programs for your staff

How can Electric Car Chargers help you?

Our advice is free and impartial

  • We will manage your organisations installation roll out
  • We have access to OLEV who distribute funds for the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)
  • We assess your eligibility for grants or funding for FREE
  • Nationwide installation service so only one accountable partner
  • Ongoing technical support

Call our helpful team on 0208 004 6487 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, write us an email to or send us an enquiry:

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