Hotels with EV chargers are seeing an increase in revenue and improved customer satisfaction.  So how can hotels do this for free?

The fast emergency of electric vehicles in the UK is increase demand and expectation for hotels to implement charging facilities.  Many of the large hotel chains such Holiday Inn and Best Western already have rollout plans in place and they are starting to see immediate benefits.

 It is well recognised that installing an electric vehicle charging solution can be confusing, expensive and not easy to manage once you have it.  ECC UK can help hotel owners enjoy the benefits of a fully managed EV charging solution without any outlay or ongoing cost.

What are the benefits of hotel EV chargers?

Improve your hotel brand, create new and fresh PR opportunities whilst attracting more satisfied customers and help you earn an additional risk free revenue.

Provide customers with more – You can attract more customers to your hotel as EV charging becomes the norm.

Sustainable brand benefits – We all know that it is good to be green.  Offering EV charging to your hotel customers is proof of your commitment to the environment.  We can also share your carbon savings, so you know your exact contribution

Attract more customers and retain them longer – EV drivers spend an average of 70 minutes charging per visit which gives extra time to use your hotels facilities, stop for coffee or lunch, and enjoy themselves.

How does it work?

We simply cover the cost for the supply and installation of the charging solution which your hotel will enjoy the exclusive use of.  There will be no costs incurred by the hotel.

  • All costs are covered for the supply and installation
  • We manage and maintain the units at no cost to the hotel
  • We share the profits once the chargers reach an agreed level of utilisation

We install reliable and robust EV charge point manufacturers so you can be confident that the charging unit will always be in use and therefore not impacting your hotel and customers.

All of the customer payments are made through on online payment service and the charging costs are transparent and agreed with the hotel.

Would you like fully funded and managed EV chargers for your hotel?

Please contact ECC UK to find out more information on how to apply for a fully funded EV charging solution for your hotel.

Call us on 020 8895 6511, email or complete our online enquiry form.

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