Objective: Implement a future proofed charging point solution for their staff and fleet

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) were successfully awarded the contract for installing and maintaining an electric vehicle charging solution for Allianz Partners in Croydon.

Allianz Partners in Croydon benefited from a £3,000 grant from OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) who contribute towards electric vehicle charging provisions for staff and fleets. This now allows Allianz employees to switch their company vehicles to more tax efficient electric models, as well as extending this benefit to staff who do not drive company vehicles and would like to consider switching to electric in the near future.

Allianz solution
6 x 22kW sockets installed for staff and fleet use
£3,000 OLEV contribution
Future proofed installation – easy to add more sockets in the future
Annual contract with ECC UK for service and maintenance

Installing the Nexans range of EV charging points which have a built-in dynamic load balancing function, allows Allianz to add further charging units in the future without having to increase their available power supply, or compromise other parts of their business.

Configuration for Allianz Partners

We installed 2 floor standing Nexans Agicity PRO pedestal units at the front of the building, replacing the visitors parking areas with dedicated electric vehicle charging bays for their fleet vehicles.

The front of the building could be accessible by the public, so the Nexans PRO pedestals can only be activated by presenting an RFID card.

We also installed 2 wall mounted Nexans Agicity UNO charging units in a secure car park at the rear of the building which will be used by their staff. Because the car park is secure, these are simply free to use charging points requiring no method of activation.

Allianz switched their visitor parking spaces to become dedicated EV charging bays, See how we done it:

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