EV charging solution for staff and fleets

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) were successfully awarded the contract for installing electric vehicle charging points for the Zwanenberg Group who are an international food manufacturer with multiple sites across the UK.

Zwanenberg have so far benefited from £6,000 in OLEV contributions to help them provide EV charging for their staff and fleets at both Corby and Shrewsbury.

Zwanenberg – Corby solution
6 x 22kW sockets installed for staff and fleet use
£3,000 OLEV contribution
Back office management system to monitor usage

Their newly installed EV charging solution will now enable their employees to switch their company vehicles to electric in the very near future, as well as extend this benefit to staff who do not currently drive electric vehicles – but would like to switch to electric in the near future.

At the Corby site, we installed 3 dual socket pedestal, both with an output of 22kW allowing a fast charge capability for staff and fleets.

See how we done it:

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