Nexans are a leading global manufacturer specialising in advanced power and data cabling systems, services and solutions for industry. 

Using their expertise, Nexans have a primary focus on e-mobility and the utilities sector and have actively participated in major innovation programs.

As a result, Nexans have developed their ranges and solutions from; extensive power distribution products to electric vehicle charging stations and services.

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Nexans AGICITY – EV Charging

Nexans’ new scalable AGICITY range of EV charging stations and solutions are designed specifically to help businesses, retailers and local communities make that all important (and gradual) switch from combustion engine vehicles to electric, thus making their local environment more sustainable.

The Nexans AGICITY technology offers tri-standard terminals, which enables their charging stations to alternate between AC and DC rapid charging, and their PRO ranges offer static, dynamic and intelligent load balancing which is the most efficient method of charging multiple electric vehicles.

Nexans AGICITY ranges offer a range of functions including RFID authentication, pay-to-charge and car sharing.  Their EV charging ranges are compatible with all types of electric vehicles on the market today.

Their operating systems provide businesses and local authorities with real-time diagnostics to allow them to monitor charging unit performance, usage and running costs. 

Nexans have developed their EV charging ranges that can either be wall mounted or floor standing, with charging speed option from standard to ultra-rapid.  Nexans also have the ability to personalise their entire range of charging units by adding your company logo to help promote your brand identity.

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ECC UK are approved installers for the entire Nexans AGICITY range.  In order to qualify for grant funding, you need to select a manufacturers approved installer, otherwise the grant funding will be invalid.

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