You maybe entitled to a £500 funding contribution from the Government.

We are instructed by OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to offer simple and impartial help and advice to guide you throughout the whole process.

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Are you eligible for a £500 OLEV grant contribution?

  • Do you own or lease an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle?
  • Do you have off street parking at your home?
  • If the answer is yes to both of the these questions, it is highly likely that you are eligible for grant funding towards a home charger.   

Standard installation

Based on a standard installation for a smart socket charging unit, please allow for a £50 premium if you would like a tethered charging unit (fixed lead).

Standard Installation Non-Standard Installation
Installing unit to brick or plaster Requirement for a stand or
mounting device
10m cable run from fuse board to
the charge point
More than 10m cable from
the fuse board
White trunking used for internal 
Decorative trunking or conduit
used for internal cables
Sufficient supply, protection 
and spare ways using fuse board
A new or dedicated consumer 
unit installed
A clear installation area Having to move items such as 
furniture to install cables
No ground works required Ground works such as 
trenches, paving or tarmac
Work below 1.8m height Work above 1.8m requiring 
2 people or lifting equipment
Up to 3 hours at the property Over 3 hours at the property

What to expect

  1. We assess and confirm whether you are eligible for the EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme) funding of up to £500
  2. We assess your property to understand what is involved to install the home charging unit
  3. Help you choose the right charging unit for you, your property and your vehicle

How do I apply?

Simply complete our online application and we will guide you throughout our no obligation application process;

Prefer to talk to us?

We are here to help, so simply call us on 0208 004 6487 if you would prefer to talk to a member of the team, or alternatively email us

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How do I apply?

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