Have difficulty understanding the different EV charging times?

Our useful guide will help understand how long it takes to charge your electric vehicle, and help you choose the right charge point for you or your business

With so much “range anxiety” surrounding electric vehicles we understand why drivers and businesses are cautious about making the switch. If you are new to driving an electric vehicle, or are looking for a charge point for your home or business we recommend you use our guide for EV charging times and what distances can be achieved per charge.

Our helpful EV charging guide will help you identify the right type of charge point for your needs, as well as help you prepare for how long you need to charge your vehicle so you can comfortable reach your next destination:

There are commonly 5 different types of EV charge points in the UK:

All charging points will state their kW capacity before you charge, so provided you electric vehicle is compatible, our guide will help you identify how long you need to charge your vehicle.

It is important to note that all electric vehicles have a different charging capacity. As an example, a 2018 Nissan LEAF only has a maximum charge of 50kW and will therefore only charge at this rate if you plug it into a 150kW charger.

Slow Chargers

We classify 3.6kW or 3.7kW EV chargers as being slow, however these can be perfectly suitable to some environments, in particular car auction parking areas, where a vehicle could be stationary for a few days, or for properties that have a limited power supply where they want to limit the amount of power being used to charge their vehicle.

Standard Chargers

Standard 7kW EV chargers are one of the most popular charge points being installed across the UK. These are most suited for home charging, or for businesses who have vehicles stationary for most of the working day.

Fast Chargers

With fast 22kW EV chargers providing EV charging times of up to 180 miles charge in 2 hours, these are fast becoming the number one choice for businesses with fleets, or where vehicles are primarily on the move during the day such as an on-call doctor or sales person.

Fast charge points can also be suitable for public car parks and retailers, where a consumer is likely to spend 2 to 3 hours shopping or dining, and therefore enjoying a full charge when they return.

Rapid and Ultra Chargers

Rapid and Ultra EV Chargers, which operate 50kW and above are mostly used where time is of a premium for drivers or businesses. You will find such chargers situated on petrol forecourts and motorway service stations.

Some businesses are now starting to install rapid EV charge points where they have electric delivery vehicles where they are best utilised when in operation, and not stationary charging.

How to find a public use EV charging point

We always recommend EV drivers download the Zap Map app which can be found in their website or app store. Zap Map is the UK bible for EV drivers and helps you find nearby EV charging points.

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