Hotel EV charging points are boosting revenues

Posted on 5th August 2019
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Is your hotel benefiting from the rise in electric vehicles in the UK?

With many large hotel chains leading the way in providing EV charging for their customers, we explain why it’s important to put your hotel on the EV charging map

There are many good reasons why privately owned hotels and chains should be getting themselves on the map for EV charging.

  • Generate new business from customers, who are currently hosting meeting, events or staying overnight at hotels that provide EV charging facilities
  • Generate a new revenue stream for the use of pay-to-charge EV charging stations

Hotel pay-to-charge options can give a return on investment in less than 2 months

If you speak to any electric vehicle driver, the first thing they have to consider, when planning a UK overnight stay, is where they are going to charge their electric vehicle.

There are a few ways for EV drivers to find charging points on their route, but more recently we have seen hotel sites such as adding electric vehicle charging stations as an option to short list hotels on their website or app.

Finding a hotel with EV charging

Hotels with EV charging stations are promoting themselves on leading hotel websites and apps and as a result are seeing increased business from customers using their facilities for meetings, events and accommodation.

When using as an example, there are 671 hotels listed in the Manchester area, and 371 are within 2 miles of the City.

Of these 371 hotels, 264 have their own parking facilities, yet only 6 hotels are promoting the facility for electric vehicle charging stations.

Aug 2019

This is not an uncommon picture across the whole of the UK, and those hotels who have got themselves ready for EV charging are already cashing in.

Is their a big enough demand for hotels to provide EV charging?

The last four years have already seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK. According to SMMT, new registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 220,000 by the end of June 2019 and this will continue to rise.

To support this rise, car manufacturers plan to launch their highest number of electric vehicle models in 2020 throughout Europe. 180 new EV models are expected to be released to the market in 2020, on top of the 100 EV models that will have already been launched by the end of 2019.

So if you own or manage a hotel, you need to get ready now

How ECC UK provide affordable hotel EV charging

ECC UK are a Government approved specialist in hotel EV charging and help guide hotel and leisure businesses through the process to:

  1. Understand your immediate and future EV charging requirements
  2. Establish funding and/or leasing options
  3. Explore how pay-to-charge options can give you a payback in less than 2 months
  4. Plan to implement and promote your new hotel EV charging station[s]

ECC UK do not charge to for consultation services and our advice is completely free and impartial.

If you would like free help to get your hotel or leisure business EV ready either call our helpful team on 0208 004 6487 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, write to [email protected] or send us an online enquiry:

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