Objective: Enable residents to charge their vehicles using a landlord supply

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) successfully designed and installed an EV charging solution for a community of residents at Melody Lane, Highbury where their allocated parking is remote from their individual properties.

The development consists of 15 allocated parking bays and the Melody Lane Management Company was looking to implement a solution that allowed 4 of their residents to have charging points installed immediately and future proofing the remaining 11 parking bays for charging points to be installed in the future.

The Melody Lane Management Company had two fundamental issues to resolve:

  • They had to use a landlord supply, and the residents needed to pay for their usage
  • The landlord supply had a limited capacity

ECC UK were able to install a solution that enabled the resident to pay for their usage, which would reimburse the Management Company for the cost of the landlord supply, and the equipment had a built-in load management capability.

The Keba P30 units that were specified for this solution has intelligent software that can recognise how much power is available, and spread this power across all of the charging points that are in use.

Melody Lane Solution
Potential for 15 x 22kW Keba P30 sockets installed for private residential use
4 sockets to be installed immediately
Load managed system allowing available power to be spread across sockets in use
EVHS OLEV (OZEV) contributions to those who qualified
Future proofed installation – easy to add more sockets in the future
be.ENERGISED operating system allowing landlord supply to be reimbursed

Load managed system

Each of the resident have an independent 22kW charging point in their designated parking bays enabling them to enjoy a faster charge than a standard 7kW charging unit that would be typically installed on a standard residential property. Because the landlord supply has a limited power capacity, we selected the Keba P30 charging units that have a built intelligent load management system, that recognises when more than one charging socket is in use and therefore down rates the charging units to never exceed the maximum power supply.

Easy activation and reimbursement

We specified a be.ENERGISED operating system which allows the residents to easily activate their charging sockets for use, and the cost for the supply of the electricity then reimburses the management company. The management company had two options to manage these payments, either:

  • Take a payment at the time of use, which can be made using a QR code on each of the charging socket. This debits the user’s accounts upon use. Or
  • Each of the residents could have an activation fob which is presented to the unit and this accumulates the electricity used during the month, and the management company bill the user at the end of each month.

The charging solution provided for Melody Lane Management Company is easy to use and transparent to all users.

OLEV grant funding (now OZEV)

The Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme (EVHS) qualifies where smart OZEV approved charging units are installed in designated parking bays, and home owner has an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. ECC UK were able to apply a £350 discount to all of those who qualified at Melody Lane and we processed the OZEV grant claim on their behalf.

Looking for help?

Due to the rise in requests for apartment blocks and residential developments requiring help with charging points for their residents, we have partnered with a company who specialise in helping management companies and property managers understand, plan and implement the right solution.

Please visit www.evchargingconsultant.co.uk

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