Quick list of EV charging acronyms

With so many EV charging acronyms being thrown around it’s very difficult to make sense of it all. This is only a quick fire list of the common acronyms that relate to electric and hybrid vehicles, charging equipment and the physical installation of the equipment.

EV Charging Acronyms

ACAlternating current
AFVAlternative fuel vehicles
BEVBattery electric vehicle
CCSCombined charging system [Type 2 and DC]
CHAdeMoCharge de Move [DC version for type 1 vehicles]
CPOCharge point operator
DCDirect current
DNODistribution Network Operators
ECCElectric Car Chargers
EREVExtended range electric vehicle
EVElectric vehicle
EVCPElectric vehicle charging point
EVDA-UKElectric Vehicle Drivers Association
EVHSElectric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme
EVSEElectric vehicle supply equipment
FCVFuel cell vehicle
GPRSGeneral radio packet service
GSMGlobal system for mobile
HEVHybrid electric vehicle
HFCVHydrogen fuel cell vehicle
ICEInternal combustion engine vehicle
IETThe Institution of Engineering and Technology
kVaKilovolt ampage rating
kWhKilowatt hours
LANLocal area network
MCBMiniature circuit breaker
MPHMiles per hour
OBDOnboard Diagnostics
OCPPOpen charge point protocol
OCSOnstreet Charging Scheme
OLEVOffice for Low Emission Vehicles
PHEVPlug-in hybrid electric vehicle
QR codeQuick response code
RCBOResidual current breaker with over-current
RCDResidual current device
RFIDRadio-frequency identification
SOCState of charge
SPENScottish Power Energy Networks
SSEScottish and Southern Energy
SWASteel wired armoured
UKPNUK Power Networks
ULEVUltra Low Emission Vehicle
V2GVehicle to grid
V2HVehicle to home
V2VVehicle to vehicle
WANWide area network
WCSWorkplace Charging Scheme
WIFIWireless fidelity
WPDWestern Power Distributors
ZE ReadySuitable for Renault Zoe
ZEVZero emission vehicle

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