Objective: Enabling apartment residents to charge their electric vehicles

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) successfully designed and installed a communal EV charging solution for a residential development at Manor Gardens.

Manor Gardens are located New Ash Green which is a leafy village near to Longfield in Kent.

Working with Even Construct who have converted a 40,000 sq ft office building into 49 apartments with 4 new houses also being built within the 2.5 acre plot.

Even Consult were looking for a simple charging solution that would:

  • Provide accessible EV charging for the residents
  • Reimburse the landlords supply through a charging tariff
  • Future proof the development

ECC UK were able to install a solution that enabled the resident to pay for their usage, which would reimburse the Management Company for the cost of the landlord supply, and the equipment had a built-in load management capability to allow additional charging points to be added in the future, without the need of increasing the power supply.

Manor Gardens Solution
1 x dual 22kW charging pedestal for private residential use
Simple pay to charge for solution for residents
Landlord supply being reimbursed
24/7 contact support and annual service

22kW output sockets

22kW charging point positioned in designated EV parking bays enable the resident to enjoy faster charging than a standard 7kW charging unit that would be typically installed on a standard residential property. Each charging point can typically keep 14 electric vehicles on the road and with each apartment block having less than 30 dwellings, and the capacity for an additional charging point to be installed, the development will be fully future proofed.

If you would like ECC UK to help your residential development implement a charging solution for residents, please contact us on 020 8895 6511, or complete our online contact form.

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