Objective: Charging facilities to enable fleet to switch to electric

Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) have successfully designed and installed an EV charging solution for Igus UK to enable their staff to switch their vehicles to electric.

Igus UK, based in Northampton, develop and manufacture industry-leading products such as polymer bearings, plastic components and flexible cables. Their UK staff are in process of adopting EV’s as part of their sustainable objectives and approached ECC UK to support them in enabling this.

Our solution comprises of 14 x 22kW pedestal mounted charging sockets with a back office system that allows restricted access for staff only, and reporting capability to show usage by each staff member. These reports can then be used for reconciling usage against internal cost centres.

ECC UK are pleased to have been able to support Igus UK throughout this process. To learn more about our solution:

Igus UK Solution
Installed 14 x 22kW fast charging sockets at their Northampton facility
£4,900 OZEV contribution
Full turnkey solution from system design to operation
Future proofed installation – easy to add more sockets in the future
Simple method for users to activate their charge

If you are a business looking to install charging points for your staff or fleet, please contact us on 020 8895 6511, or complete our online contact form and we will happily provide you with impartial help and advice.

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