Bloova are fast becoming a recognised brand for providing a complete ‘electric’ solution for Government, Corporate and Hospitality sectors.

Bloova’s have developed a flexible and usable range of solutions that include electric vehicles, charging facilities and management systems, as well as car sharing and community initiatives that allow public and private sectors, of any size, deploy Bloova as a ‘one stop shop’ thus making a rapid, controlled and affordable switch towards a greener, more sustainable future everyone.

Bloova EV Charging

Bloova have designed a sleek and modern range of EV charging stations with full metal casing that makes them suitable for all home, public and business environments.

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Bloova’s EV chargers are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components that are focussed on reliability and ease of use.  Their charging wall or floor standing charging stations are available in a range of colours, styles and charging speeds, and include pay-to-charge and / or authorisation options that range from RFID, key switches and smartphone applications.

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ECC UK are approved installers for the entire Bloova EV range.  In order to qualify for grant funding, you need to select a manufacturer approved installer, otherwise the grant funding will be invalid.

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