Objective: Provide customer and public charging facilities

In partnership with Econetiq, Urban & Civic and Electric Corby, Electric Car Chargers UK (ECC UK) have successfully designed and installed a customer EV charging solution at Sainsbury’s Local in Priors Hall, Corby.

Urban & Civic have been developing Priors Hall for the past 9 years and had a planning condition to install charging provisions at a new retail centre which is located at the entrance of the development. Whilst the planning condition was to install 7kW charging points in the customer car park, it was expressed that the retail centre would benefit from having fewer but faster charging points that would be more suited to the time customers will be typically using the car park.

Urban & Civic were looking for a simple solution that would:

  • Provide accessible EV charging facilities for customers and the local community
  • Contribute positively to the environment
  • Future proof the car park and allow for additional chargers to be added when required
  • Opportunity to generate risk free revenue

Electric Car Chargers UK introduced Urban & Civic and Electric Corby to our charge point operating partners, Econetiq who have funded the set up and operation of their charging solution and therefore enabling Urban & Civic to enjoy the benefits of the chargers without any financial risk or exposure.

Electric Car Chargers UK and Econetiq will be supporting Urban & Civic as the demand for electric vehicle chargers progress over time. To learn more about our solution:

Sainsbury’s Local Corby
Installed 3 x 22kW fast charging sockets
75kW rapid charger to be installed in the near future
Load managed system allowing available power to be spread across additional sockets in the future
Future proofed installation – easy to add more sockets in the future
Fully funded, so no cost to Urban & Civic to set up, operate or maintain the equipment
Simple payment system for users to activate their charge

Fully funded

If you are a retailer with customer parking facilities, you are most likely eligible for a fully funded charging solution which can help you implement charging points without any risk or financial outlay.

If you would like Electric Car Chargers to help you find the right charging solution for your business, please contact us on 020 8895 6511, or complete our online contact form.

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