Electric Car Chargers UK Ltd have been awarded British Ethnic Minority Business (EMB) status by MSDUK

Electric Car Chargers UK Ltd (ECC UK) are proud to be recognised as an Ethnic Minority Business by MSDUK, one of the few electric vehicle charging organisations to hold this status.

MSDUK are champions of British Ethnic Minority Businesses and work with leading global corporations who are committed to building diverse and inclusive supply chains. MSDUK attract organisations such as Barclays, American Express, Unilever, Apple and Astra Zeneca who all recognise the value in having a diverse supply chain that help them to become more competitive, agile and profitable.

It is well publicised that the under-representation of EMBs in both the private and public sectors has not only hindered inclusive growth, but has deprived large organisations of an alternate and innovative supply chain options. Having a diverse supply chain can bring fresh ideas to the market and benefit their bottom-line. 

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