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Posted on 18th July 2019
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We will help your organisation get ready for the electric evolution

Is your organisation EV ready?

We recognise that many UK businesses and local authorities are yet to implement an EV strategy and are not fully aware of what funding and support is available to them, and more importantly, why they need to consider acting now.

ECC UK are approved by the UK Government and provide a free and impartial consultancy service

We help evaluate your company’s funding and tax benefits by switching to an electric fleet

Electric Car Chargers UK Ltd (ECC UK) are helping UK businesses understand how you can provide affordable electric vehicle charging facilities for your staff, customers and visitors and the types of commercial and tax benefits that your business and employees can enjoy.

The UK Government are incentivising businesses and drivers with grant discounts on the purchase value for electric cars of 35% up to £3,500, and 20% up to £8,000 for electric vans – helping businesses and drivers make the switch to electric more affordable.

New registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 220,000 by the end of June 2019 and this will continue to rise.

And for company car drivers there are huge savings to be enjoyed, not only with cheaper running costs compared to fuel vehicles, but with significant tax incentives, with electric and hybrid cars emitting 50 g/km of CO2 or less. In 2018 this was only incurring a Benefit In Kind tax of only 9% which can represent huge savings for your company car drivers.

We help businesses build an EV strategy, evaluate fleet electrification and designing the type of charging infrastructure that can support the rise in electric vehicles.

We will help you create a sustainable EV strategy

Creating an EV strategy can seem very complicated when this is not your core business. Involving Government approved experts like Electric Car Chargers UK, our free consultation can help simplify the process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of implementing your own EV strategy that is tailored to the immediate and future needs of your company.

What is fleet electrification?

Commercial fleet electrification is the term many businesses are using when they are evaluating the switch of their existing fuel based vehicles such as company cars and company vans, over to plug-in electric vehicles.

Businesses looking to convert their fleet to electric need to consider many aspects to understand what is achievable short term, as well as understanding the future needs of their fleet, staff, suppliers and charging infrastructure.

Many businesses such as Anglia Water have already successfully switched their fleets to electric vans, and they are an excellent case study for businesses you are anxious about the mileage ranges and charging infrastructures relating to electric vans.

We involve expert partners to evaluate your existing fleet vehicles, their usage and how can implement the right EV strategy for your needs.

Our aim is to help you deliver your ideal charging infrastructure on time and within budget.

We work with a range of different types of businesses from small local businesses seeking one charge point, to multi-site businesses considering the option of switching their fleet to electric.

Every business has a different need and objective.

The purpose of our consultation is to fully understand your requirements, and then build a framework proposal that can help you confidently budget and prepare for implementing an EV strategy.

We are approved by the UK’s leading charge point manufacturers which enables us to allows find the right charging solution for the needs of your company

If you would a free consultation, please contact us on 020 8895 6511 or complete our online contact form:

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Explore our sector specific solutions

We have developed EV charging solutions for specific sectors. Download our sector specific brochures to learn more about how ECC UK can help you implement that type of EV charging solutions for your customers, visitors, staff, fleets and/or communities:

B2C Solutions

Ideal for retailers. hotels, tourist attractions, hospitality venues, sports arena’s, restaurants, garden centres and leisure facilities looking to provide EV charging solutions for their customers or visitors:

  • Significant branding and PR benefits
  • Generate risk free revenue
  • Attract new customers and retain them longer

Corporations and SMEs

Ideal for single and multi-site businesses looking to provide EV charging solutions for their staff or fleets:

  • Enable the switch to a cost efficient electric fleet
  • Tax and private mileage benefits for company car drivers
  • Employees will benefit by having charging facilities at work

Councils and Local Authorities

Ideal for Hospitals, Health Centres, Education, County, Borough and Parish Councils looking to provide EV charging solutions for the public, visitors or residents:

New build developments

Ideal for commercial, retail and domestic construction, building contractors, developers, private rentals and residential management companies looking for EV charging solutions to meet planning requirements:

  • Meet your local authority planning requirements
  • Effortless EV charging solutions
  • Opportunity to generate risk free revenue


Ideal for electric vehicle manufacturers, car dealerships, vehicle leasing and hire companies, looking to provide EV charging solutions for their customers.

  • Provide an added value service to your customers
  • Generate a new effortless revenue stream
  • Build a loyal and returning customer base as EV sales grow


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